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1, What’s your major market and customers group?

Re: Our products cover mostly of the countries, mainly in South American, East middle, East-south Asia, and Africa. Mostly of our customers are Importers, wholesaler,or end-user company, we also offer OEM/ODM to foreign manufacturers.

2, Is there a warranty?

Re: Yes, all our products have a warranty of 1 year. If your device malfunctions because of itself quality problems within this time since Ex-factory day, then we will repair or replace your device for free. Also, Please note that the GPS tracking device is not water proof. its your responsibility to make sure that the GPS tracking device is not submerged into water.

3, Can I print my own brand on the products or package?

Re: Sure, welcome, but it need to up quantity of 1000 units, and you will pay for the adding cost, you don’t need to buy 1000 units at one time, you can buy it for several times, but need to prepay deposit.

4, What’s the payment you accept?

Re: We accept T/T, Western Union, and PayPal. 

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